Pro Point Southwest, are your trusted provider of professional and reliable repointing solutions throughout the South West. With over 29 years of industry experience, we specialise in restoring and enhancing the strength, durability, and finesse of brick and stone structures. This includes repointing brick and stonework, brick replacements, weatherproofing, epoxy crack repairs and deep pressure pointing and grouting.

What Is Repointing?

Over time, weather and decay can cause the mortar between bricks and stones to deteriorate, resulting in weakened structures and water penetration. Repointing is the process of renewing those mortar joints to restore the structural integrity of brickwork. Furthermore, repointing also greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of a building.

Our skilled team of repointing specialists can help to preserve the integrity of your property. As part of their thorough initial assessment, they will conduct professional sampling of the existing mortar. This enables us to determine the precise sand and binder combination required for your repointing process. We will ensure that the repointed mortar closely matches the appearance of your original pointing mortar, thus creating a seamless and harmonious blend.

Different Pointing Mortar Finishes

Our highly-skilled team offer a number of brick pointing styles to enhance a mortar repair. These include:

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