Crack Stitching

At Pro Point Southwest Ltd, we can address structural issues caused by cracks in masonry walls with crack stitching, ensuring the stability and longevity of your property. With many years of industry experience, our team can carry out timely and effective crack repairs.

How Does Crack Stitching Work?

Our crack stitching system utilises reinforced stainless steel rods that chemically bond into the existing bed joints. These rods stitch together cracks present within your walls, redistributing tensile forces and restoring structural integrity. To ensure the long-term stability of your property, we employ specialised dust extraction cutting equipment to carefully remove the affected bed joints. Subsequently, the crack stitching bars are expertly grouted in place to prevent any future movement. To finish, we conceal our crack stitching bars, preserving the original character of your property’s walls. 

Benefits Of Cracked Stitching

The installation process of our crack stitching bars is will have minimal disruption to the occupants of the property. After we fill the crack and repoint the brickwork, there will be minimal visible evidence that our crack stitching bars are there.

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